• May. 1st, 2009 at 11:59 PM
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Hi Dreamwidth,

My name is Andrea and I'm a ... Wait, wrong group. Okay, seriously, this is a legend to my slightly out there and mostly amusing to me tags. Just in case someone actually wants to use them to find stuff.

"apples! apples! apples!" - All adult-discussion of the fun, sexxin' kind will be found under this tag. Because apples is Nathan Fillion's Rick Castle's safeword.

"it's a terrible life" - For when life sucks so much even Jimmy Stewart can go f' himself yet Supernatural still makes things better prettier.

"slashing the cats" - Academic work. Yes, there's a story.

My roommate/BFF and I are both grad students. We were having a serious discussion about slash and gender politics in fandom when her cat and my (male) cat decided to play. And by play I mean try to kill each other. And by try to kill each other I mean roll around on the floor going for each other's (neutered!) genitals. Slashing the cats. That's all I'm sayin'.

"snozzleberry tastes like snozzleberry" - Political stuff can be found here. Mostly, it shall be rants and, knowing me, in the vein of "obvious post is obvious." Such as why father's rights don't, say, extend to pregnancy/abortion. Oh, wait. That's not so obvious to some people.

"summer glau can probably kill you" - This is my generalized fandom tag because not only is Summer Glau in everything but she can kill you with her brain awesome.

I'll edit this post (and see if I can sticky-post it) as more tags emerge from the recesses of my traumatized mind. (Totally serious there. All your professors are alcoholics. Academia drove them to drink.)

Signing off!