In Which I Hate Men

  • Jun. 7th, 2009 at 5:22 PM
noexitwounds: (Movie/COR + Kyra Wants It To Stop)
Last night I ended up back at a guy's house having sex, having fun, etc. And we were, for the most part. But he spent a lot of time making me really sensitive and I got sore. I didn't want to fuck but he pushed me to try and then I just couldn't breathe enough to talk. It hurt like tearing apart and I was squealing in pain, with tears, whimpering in between.

What really bugs me about this situation is today he emails me and is all, like, "I had a good time. Hope you're feeling alright." and then he's blown away when I tell him I'm sore (as expected) and upset. He asks why I'm upset. And I want to stick a knife in his jugular. He has the benefit of not having to deal with the pain, of ignoring the squealing, ignoring the way I was bleeding, ignoring that I wouldn't let him touch me afterwards and got dressed slowly, because of the pain, and went home. None of that, none of it, gave him the clue that I would be upset. Because he was getting off.


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