November 17th, 2009

noexitwounds: (Heroes + Sylar the Second Coming)
A complete series list for Revelations 22:20, my Sylar/Claire NC-17 creepy epic that just keeps, uh, spawning.

Note: I've gone back and rearranged the chapter numbers so there's no longer two X "side stories" (related to whether they fit my bingo). Now every story has a number in the line. I plan to later go back and make sure all the posts clearly outline which chapter is which but it's bedtime for me.

One: Coming For Her ;
Two: No Escape ;
Three: Aftermath ;
Four: Respite ;
Five: Descent ;
Six: Bent To Will ;
Seven: Restful ;
Eight: Testing Waters ;
Nine: Listening ;
Ten: Knowing ;
Eleven: Maslowian Needs ;
Twelve: Touchstone // Redoubt (Part I) ;
Thirteen: Redoubt (Part II)
Fourteen: Renegotiations [ETA: Two days.] Highlights: electrical play (for fun), flexibility, and gags.

This will be updated as the story continues. I will also try to update the Sylar_Claire post where I originally organized the links.